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Geo-Environmental Engineers



A Solid Grounding


Ground conditions are the biggest unknown at the start of any construction project. Adequate Site Investigation is vital to facilitate design, and to minimise the potential for costly claims for ‘unforeseen ground conditions’ during the construction process.


Previous industrial land use has left a legacy of contamination on many sites. Such contamination must be identified in order to assess the risk during construction and to the eventual occupiers of the site.


Evans & Langford can offer clients a full range of Geo-Environmental services, including:


  • Pre-purchase desk-study and walkover surveys – identify potential ‘abnormal’ costs before purchasing the site
  • Intrusive investigation techniques including cable percussion boreholes, trial pits, and window sampling
  • Geotechnical and analytical testing through long standing relationships with specialist testing laboratories
  • Provision of well presented, detailed reports
  • Geotechnical analysis and design
  • Site supervision
  • Liaison with Planning Authorities, the Environment Agency, and other regulators