Evans & Langford LLP

BBC DIY SOS: The Big Build, Sheppey


Sep 16


Evans & Langford are delighted to be helping the DIY SOS team to build a new home for the Ratcliffe family in Minster.


We are designing the foundations for the new house, taking account of the London Clay beneath and the numerous trees around the property, and will be on site to inspect the ground conditions as work proceeds. As can be seen below, demolition is well underway!


We are looking forward to seeing the build progress and can’t wait for the family to see their new home – it is sure to be a fantastic moment for the family and all those involved in the project.


If you think you may be able to assist with the build then please get in touch with the team via heather.lafferty@bbc.co.uk


Further details can be seen on the Kent Online website